About Us
We have been serving our customers' convenience needs since 1979. Look for CEFCO and expect to find:
  • CEFCO Convenience StoreA brightly lit, clean store
  • Clean restrooms
  • Friendly smiles
  • Quality Products at a fair value, quickly!
    • Beverages - The best assortment of cold and hot beverages.
    • Foodservice Everything from hot dogs and fried chicken to fruit cups, wraps, and salads. There's something for every appetite!
    • Services Money order, ATM, phone & gift cards, video rentals, and more!
    • Daily Needs - Fuel, ice, dairy, soft drinks, health & beauty, and grocery.

It takes great people to serve our customers, and we are not only proud of our clean, friendly stores, but also the great work that our team does in the community.

CEFCO has raised over $3,457,000 to support the kids that The Children's Miracle Network (CMN) helps each and every day. We have contributed over $345,000 in scholarships to help young people further their secondary education. We are equally proud of the kindness that our team shows in helping a lost motorist find their way.
Doing the right thing is what guides the CEFCO team!



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